Bellum is a character in The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, and is the main villain. Bellum is an evil monster that feeds on the life force of those he catches, and is responsible for the life-draining effects on the Ghost Ship and Temple of the Ocean King. He, and his Phantom Army are immune to any weapons besides the Phantom Sword. In addition to having an appetite for life force, Bellum created the Phantoms using his power, making them invulnerable to weapons except the Phantom Sword as well. Bellum's motives are never touched upon, other than sating its hunger for souls and destruction. His eyes bear a striking resemblance to the eyes of Majora's Mask and Vaati. Oshus stated that Bellum is the one that created the Phantoms that prowl the Temple of the Ocean King as well as many other evil creatures seen throughout the game.