Dodongo's Cavern
Dodongo's Cavern
The main chamber.
Appears in Ocarina of Time
Location Death Mountain
Enemies Keese, Fire Keese, Dodongos, Armos, Business Scrubs, Skulltula, Baby Dodongos
Minibosses Lizafols
Bosses King Dodongo
Obtainable Items Bombs

Dodongo's Cavern is the second dungeon in Ocarina of Time. Link can only enter it after he has gained the Goron Bracelet because he must use it to pick up the bomb flowers and destroy the boulder blocking the entrance.


This dungeon features lava and fire heavily, and is themed around explosives. If Link was not careful, he could lose his Deku Shield to the fire but later on in the temple Link can either buy from a Business Scrub or find a Treasure Chest to get a new Deku Shield. One of the main areas of the dungeon is the 2 miniboss fight s with Lizalfos. In this fight Link must shield from the oncoming attacks or he must defeat them very quickly.


The boss of this temple is King Dodongo. IN the fight King Dodongo rolls around the course and Link must throw bombs in its open mouth while avoiding the King, lava and fireballs the King shoots.