Malon is a recurring Character in the Legend of Zelda Series, she is almost always depicted as a ranch girl, often living with her father, Talon.


Ocarina of TimeEdit

Malon Starts as a young girl in Ocarina of Time who lives on Lon-Lon Ranch with her father, Talon, and their ranch hand, Ingo. When Link becomes an adult, she grows older, as well and remains on the ranch after Ingo takes over.

Oracle of SeasonsEdit

Malon lives in a house that takes care of many Cuccos, though she seems not to have learned very much about how to do so when her father travels to the mountains and falls asleep halfway to the top, leaving Malon quite worried.

Minish CapEdit

Malon's once-again unreliable father has locked them out of the house. Link helps them retrieve a key to the door(he himself needs to get through to the other side by means of the house). In thanks, Ihey let link use their house to get to eastern Hyrule whenever he needs to.

Later, after a certain kinstone fusion is made, Malon will appear in Hyrule town and sell Lon-Lon milk to passerby.