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First Game The Legend of Zelda
Other Games All titles except Twilight Princess
Location In water or on land
Effective Items Sword (land variety), Bow/slingshot/cannon (water variety)
Frequent Item Obtained Rupees

The Octorok is a recurring enemy in the Legend of Zelda series which has appeared in every game except Twilight Princess.


Octoroks first appeared in The Legend of Zelda as land-only enemies. They would spit rocks at Link and walk around randomly. They also returned in Adventure of Link with a slightly different look, although they acted the same. In A Link to the Past, they were also present with the same function, as well as in Link's Awakening. In Ocarina of Time, however, they took on a new form as aquatic enemies. These octoroks would reside in Zora's River, Lake Hylia, and the Gerudo River, spitting rocks at passers by. In Majora's Mask, they were once again featured as aquatic enemies with the same function as in Ocarina of Time. In The Wind Waker, they would lie in wait around the Great Sea and attack passing ships. They had a new look in this game, although they acted much the same as before. In addition, freshwater octoroks could be found on the Forest Haven. In Phantom Hourglass, both the land and sea versions of the octorok are featured.

Twilight Princess is the only game to not feature these enemies, though it is not known why.