First Game Ocarina of Time
Other Games Majora's Mask
Location Ikana Grayeyard

Hyrule Field(Night)

Effective Items Sword
Frequent Item Obtained Rupees

Ocarina of TimeEdit

In Ocarina of Time, Stalchildren are minor enemies which appear on Hyrule Field during the night when Link is a child. They are very weak and pose no real threat to the young hero. They will continue to assault Link until dawn comes.

Majora's MaskEdit

In Majora's Mask, Stalchildren play a large role. They are said to be the cursed soldiers of Ikana who are doomed to walk the earth long after their demise. They serve Captain Keeta, and they are only still around because they are bound in service. When Link acquires the Captain's Hat, Keeta tells him to pass on the message that the war is over so his soldiers can rest in peace.[1] They can be found in the Oceanside Spider House and the Ikana Graveyard carrying out their orders dutifully.

More InformationEdit

For a more detailed explanation please go to Stal Wiki's page on Stalchildren.


  1. "Tell them the war has ended." -Captain Keeta in Majora's Mask.