Majora's Mask is a direct sequel to Ocarina of Time which features the same Link looking for a friend with whom he parted ways at the end of his quest to save Hyrule[1]


After Link saved Hyrule, Navi, his companion fairy, left him. This saddened Link, who finally decided to search for his friend. He left the land of Hyrule, taking with him the Kokiri Sword, Hero's Shield, Ocarina of Time, and Epona. In the Lost Woods, he runs into two fairies, Tatl and Tael. They cause Epona to rear, throwing Link from the horse. A Skull Kid then appears, wearing a strange mask. He takes the Ocarina from Link and then steals Epona. Link chases down the skull kid only to find that his horse is gone. The skull kid then curses Link and imprisons him within the body of a Deku Scrub. Link follows the skull kid, gaining the help of Tatl, who was left behind by mistake. He finally makes his way to a strange tower and meets the Happy Mask Salesman, who tells him that he can restore Link's former shape. In return, he asks for the return of Majora's Mask, the mask worn by the skull kid. He also says that he must leave in three days, and that Link must accomplish his task by then. Link then exits the building and emerges in Clock Town, a town in the very center of a land known as Termina. In the sky, an ominous moon hangs and grows closer each day. After three days time, Link confronts the skull kid atop the Clock Tower on the Carnival of Time. The skull kid begins to call the moon even closer to destroy the land. Link manages to knock the Ocarina of Time from his hands and recover it. When he does, he remembers Princess Zelda and the Song of Time. When he plays the song, he is taken back in time to the beginning of the first day. He then takes the ocarina to the Happy Mask Salesman, who teaches him the Song of Healing and restores his true form. When he asks for the mask, Link looks down shamefully. The salesman begs Link to recover it, claiming that it can destroy the world if left unchecked. Link then sets out to find "the four in the Swamp, Mountains, Western Ocean, and Canyon."[2]


  1. "A friend with whom he parted ways once he had fulfilled his destiny and taken his place among legends."-text from Majora's Mask.
  2. "Swamp...Mountain...Ocean...Canyon...Quick! The four who are there! Bring them here!"-Tael in Majora's Mask.

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