Ocarina of Time is the first 3D Zelda game ever made. It brought the series to a whole new light.


A young boy in the forest is haunted by nightmares of a man in black. He is the only forest child to not have a fairy, as well. The guardian of the forest senses a great evil to come and sends a fairy partner to go with the boy. She introduces herself to the boy named Link and tells him that her name is Navi and the The Great Deku Tree has summoned him. The pair go to the Deku Tree, who tells them of a great evil power. He asks Link to rid him of an evil curse placed upon him by the man, a request which Link grants. He then tells Link that the evil man is targeting the Sacred Realm and is attempting to steal the Triforce. The Deku Tree then sends the pair to meet Princess Zelda, who tells Link that she believes Ganondorf to be the source of the evil. She asks him to gather the remaining Spiritual Stones and open the Door of Time to prevent Ganondorf from taking the Triforce.

Once Link opens the door, however, he finds the Master Sword. He then draws the sacred blade. Unfortunately, his spirit is sealed away inside of the Temple of Time for seven years. When he emerges, he finds himself in the Chamber of the Sages in the Sacred Realm. Rauru, the sage of light, tells him that Ganondorf managed to take the Triforce. He then tells Link to find the other five sages to save the land from Ganondorf's corruption. This is a test for the use of the revert function.