See also: Oracle of Ages

Oracle of Seasons is one of two games which was made by Capcom and Nintendo working together. It features Link in a new land called Holodrum.


Link, the hero of Hyrule chosen by the Triforce, is sent to Holodrum on a quest. Shortly after his arrival, he meets a woman named Din and her troupe of dancers. Suddenly, however, they are attacked by an evil power. Din is kidnapped, and she is revealed to be the Oracle of Seasons. Her kidnapper, Onox, casts the Temple of Seasons down into a subterranean land, throwing the four seasons out of order. When the battle is over, Link speaks to Impa, who turns out to be the advisor for Princess Zelda. She tells Link that he must speak to the Maku Tree to find a way to defeat Onox and save Din. This is a test for the use of the revert function.