Spoiler warning! This article contains important details about the plot or ending of a game. Read at your own risk! Zelda II: The Adventure of Link is the second game in the Legend of Zelda series. It takes place after The Legend of Zelda, and features a new RPG style.


After Ganon's defeat, Link rescued Zelda and reclaimed the Triforce. Time passed, and someone cursed Zelda to fall into an enchanted sleep. Impa tells Link that he must break the seal on the Great Palace and dispel the evil inside to awaken her from her sleep. She gives Link six crystals to return to the palaces and sends him on his way. Link then fights his way through the palaces and restores the crystals until he finally breaks the seal on the Great Palace. Inside, he defeats the evil creatures which are trying to resurrect Ganon and ultimately comes to battle with a shadow of himself. Once he defeats the enemy, he is rewarded with the Triforce of Courage and awakens Zelda from her cursed slumber.